Halbach cylinders & Custom Permanent Magnet Designs for Scientific Applications

High Magnetic field Permanent Magnet Assembly

Efficient assemblies designed to generate high magnetic fields, using rare earth magnetic material with   high remanence (flux strength) and coercivity (rigidity of magnetisation).

Accurate designs
Very compact
Does not require any power nor cooling systems
Very low stray field, magnetic field is confined inside the cylindrical aperture

The field generated is highly stable. Several field configuration can be generated, including dipole field and multipole configurations.

 Fixed field
Halbach cylinder 3D Compact designs are ideal for table-top and portable instrumentation devices. The large magnetic fields ( up to 2 Tesla) is entirely generated through high magnetic strength rare earth permanent magnet material. No need for a power supply !
Halbach cylinder 2 tesla

High added value to your product or experiment.

Designs include Halbach cylinders, ring, sphere, radial or axial field, from a hand-held size to very large assembly.

Permanent magnet assemblies can be used for various applications including NMR, MRI, FT-ICR, Semi-Conductor manufacturing, Surface Science, Nanotechnology, photovoltaic, advanced crystal growing furnaces, klystron, magnetron sputerring, magnetic microscopy, soil magnetometry, VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer),     magnetoresistance, magnetoelectrochemistry, penning trap,magnetically processed carbon nanotubes, magnetic spectroscopy, ECR ...

Halbach cylinder magnet application                         Halbahc cylinder stray field

Options include vacuum system,  cryostat , sample holders, positionning stage, teslameter feedback, temperature control, UHV rating, SmCo ...

Permanent magnet assembly delivering a high magnetic field in a compact package. Efficient design, engineering, development and manufacturing of tailor-made solutions for Research Institutes and High-Technology OEMs.
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